sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

Drunk Post #1.-

So, today I decided to get drunk. Maybe because today was such a fucking great day, that I just could not believe that it was real. So many great things happened in just one day, that it feels like a fucking dream.

First, my mother is just one step away from leaving the hospital. It´s kind of funny, because she is getting closer to the exit one step at the time. She used to be on the 4th floor, and now she is on the 2nd. The next step is on the street. Wich is fucking great, since she will be at home and away from all the others who suffer a great variety of diseases, and makes her feel depressed when she looks at them. Also is fucking great because that means that I don´t have to go and spend the whole nigth awake to take care of her. It´s not like I don´t want to, but it´s a great relief.

Second, those arrogant bastards of Brazil lost the game against Holland on the FIFA World Cup tournament. That makes me happy. That is a dream come true. To see the mindfucks brazilian players crying after loosing the game just a step away from the semi-finals, it´s an acomplishment on my life. To see the sad faces on all the venezuelan cock suckers who support the brazilian players just because they are supposed to be the best, makes me incredibly happy.

Third, I received a proposal from someone, that I never belived that would propose such thing. I always thougth that it would be harder to get an oportunity of reaching such accomplishment. But I got it, whitout even asking for it, for free. As a gift for birthday. Withouth pain nor sorrow.

What a fucking great day I had. Maybe that´s the main reason for getting drunk. Because having such a lucky day, it`s almost unimaginable on this stinking common shared reality that it´s called life. It reminds me that life it´s worthless, for dust we are, and dust we shall become.-

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